316jewelry blog: Rhinestone Jewelry Shopping Guide. Rhinestone jewelry and jeans or T-shirt can be a good match perfectly. The sparkling rhinestone necklace match with a black dress will looks beautiful at any occasion. What’s the most important, the best part about rhinestone jewelry is the price. You can find some beautiful rhinestone accessories at an affordable price.
Types of Rhinestone Jewelry.

There are many types of rhinestone jewelry include rhinestone earrings, rhinestone necklace, rhinestone pendant, rhinestone bracelet, rhinestone and ring. And there are various rhinestone jewelry designs for buyers to choose from. Here are examples of the rhinestone jewelry shopping guide:

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Heart EarringsInfinity Earrings
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Circle PendantAnimal Pendant Necklace 
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Leaf NecklaceLetter Necklace
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Words NecklaceFlower Pendant Necklace


Where to buy rhinestone jewelry?

Rhinestone jewelry can be purchased from many places. It can be found in jewelry and fashion retailers as well as online stores. You can find great deals on rhinestone jewelry at local malls, superstores and department store jewelry departments. The Internet is also a great resource for saving money on rhinestone jewelry.

Caring for Rhinestone Jewelry

Use alcohol to wipe the stones
Your rhinestone jewelry will last longer with gentle care. Carefully wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If the crystal start to get dirty, you can use a small amount of alcohol on a soft cloth to gently rub away the dirt. Store rhinestone jewelry in a velvet or silk jewelry pouch.
Keep your jewelry away from chemicals
Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals and may harm some colored gems. Fine jewelry should be removed before diving into a chlorinated swimming pool or before using household cleaners. Many of these cleaners contain ammonia, which can be too harsh for delicate gems or vintage jewelry. Chlorine bleach, another common household solvent, can pit or damage gold alloys.